Lusso Interior Design is a full service interior design firm. With our years of expertise, we will work with you on projects of all levels from architectural plans & new builds, renovations of all sizes to furniture & color schemes. Lusso Interior Design is committed to making each project unique, interesting and entirely your own.

Services provided by Lusso Interior Design are:

  • Interior Design
  • Space Management
  • Builder Project Services
  • New Constructions
  • Renovations & Staging Vacation Properties

We are committed to making sure that each clients needs are met and that each project gets the full attention that it deserves. The designers at Lusso Interior Design pride themselves in making sure that each and every client project is closely followed and every detail is covered. We believe that the client should be heard. We know that at the end of the day, that the clients are the ones living in the home or going to work at the office space and that space should fit their style, not ours. We strive to make our residential clients, commercial clients and the builders that we are in partnership with happy at the end of each project.